Sex Sells – it is as simple as that

I went to this classic car show a couple of weeks back with my boyfriend. To be honest, the entire affair did make me laugh. It was obvious that many of the stands had models on them trying to do a bit of selling. Many of the girls looked like they may have come from a cheap escorts service with their low cleavage tops and short skirts. I am pretty sure that they did not have a lot of product knowledge and were there to make the stand look good. Once back home, I found myself wondering how many of them were actually London escorts or models.

When I work for London escorts, I think that I use sexual innuendos to sell stuff all of the time. But I have to admit that I do so when I am not at London escorts as well. Like other girls at the London escorts that I work for, I have this cover job so I don’t have to tell the world that I am a London escort. When I am there, I find myself using sexual innuendos all of the time. Many times I do so without even thinking about what I am saying, it sort of just slips out if you know what I mean.

My Saturday job is on a perfume counter in a top department store. Most of the other girls at our London escorts service tend to do easy jobs in local supermarkets. You can say that I was lucky to find this one. It pays a lot more than any of the other jobs that the other girls at London escorts have got, and I get to flirt with men as well. You be surprised how many men still buy their wives and girlfriends perfume and body lotion. When they come to see me, I take the opportunity to flirt with them.

When a gent asks me about what perfume he should buy, I always ask him if it is for his wife or mistress. It is a great icebreaker and I have never known a man not to laugh at that comment. I say with a smile and a wink, and I think that it makes many men feel on top of the world. They always buy something from me and I must admit that I feel just as naughty then as I do when I am working for London escorts. My boss loves the comment and keeps asking me to work extra hours.

I also have a lot of cheeky comments that I use when I sell to women. You can flirt with women just as much as you can flirt with men, and I am pretty good at it. Don’t be fooled, women respond to selling by using sexual innuendos as well as men. I am not sure that it works when it comes from a man, but it certainly works when it comes from a woman. It is not something that I get an opportunity to use at London escorts, but I do get a chance to use it when I am doing my Saturday job. There is no harm in using sexual innuendos and I think that we should have fun using them more often in our daily language. I love it and I am sure that many other people do as well.

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